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Hiteshi School

  • 6 years ago
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On the foothills of himalayas, a village named Dyonai around 15 km from  Kausani in Uttrakhand, I got lucky because i got hosted by Mr Kishan Rana along with his beautiful family, Family founded the primary school here called Hiteshi

Hiteshi was the brainstorm from Mr Rana & his wife. They started Hiteshi 20 years back and have been supporting the school since then from the meagre income from their farm.They work very hard to keep support their family and the school since the school funding mostly from their hard work & sometime students also donate some money & sometime they cant because  most of the student come from a very poor background  Mr Rana & his wife work throughout all day, morning time they teach the student  and afternoons they go to their field.Even the school is on the Mountain but Mr Rana try to provide the best as he can for the students so they can learn more things & have better enviroment for learning. The school has lots of space to do outdoor activities such a basketball, badminton. The school has now more than 100 students but they can accomodate 500 students.The school always inspired the kids from the village to go to school. Since the Covid19 the situation getting worse where the school is closed from last 7 months,During this hard time the school is lacking some funding & having hard time financially so the school need some donation for the better future of the village. They also need some teachers if someone can come here to volunteering it will be a lifetime experience.