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About Us

Who We Are 

Hiteshi  NGO is a non-governmental organization founded in 1994, in Uttarakhand. Initially, Hiteshi has focused on the area of education and sustainable rural development program. Nowadays, the mission of the organization is to increase the participation of the citizens in local processes and broader, contributing in that way to developing the democracy and promoting good governance, through the realization of educational and integration programs.


Hiteshi  NGO Mission

To create employment opportunities for the marginalized societies in the Bagheswar district of Uttarakhand.

To create a superstition-free society by promoting education and science.

To prevent an exodus from Bagheswar by identifying resources and creating an abundance of employment opportunities.

To promote scientific methods in Agriculture.


Hiteshi NGO Vission

To Lessen the Gap between the Rich and the Poor by providing Agricultural, Scientific, Education and Employment opportunities to the marginalized societies.


Hiteshi Belief

Hiteshi nongovernmental organization believes that unless each member of the area unit concerned proactively within the method of development, sustainable change won't happen.


Hiteshi Approach

Hiteshi NGO supporting the rural family of Uttarakhand, livelihood, mass exodus from rural districts of Uttarakhand, women empowerment, their families and the community actively involves in Hiteshi NGO activities and rural cultural events, which help in mitigating the problem of mass exodus especially from the remote hill areas of Uttarakhand

Hiteshi  works for the upliftment of the deprived section of the society in the hills of Uttarakhand. At present, Hiteshi turning Dyonai  valley villages into Model villages. We also working towards setting up of Organic Manure plants in the villages of Dyonai for developing entrepreneurship.