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Giving access to healthcare and promotion of positive health have been one of the major areas of focus since the beginning days of Hiteshi.Hiteshi focused on health care for every villagers in Dhyonai . For over last 24+ years, the community health program has worked to achieve these goals through the training of village level health workers and traditional birth attendants, raising the level of awareness of critical health issues with women’s groups, adolescents and children, and delivery of medical care. During the pandemic Covid 19 Hiteshi helps lots to the villagers from nearby villages. During the pandemic Hiteshi organised many campaign all around rular areas of uttrakhand to educate people how they can protect themselves from covid19,They orgnaised some street play to demonstarte people to show them how they can follow social distancing to wear mask ,wash hand frequenty as much they can. They told to the people these points to the people 1. Wash Hands 2. Use Sanitizer 3. Wear Mask 4. Follow Social Distancing They also distribute Mask & Sanitizer to the rular villages in india.Hitesh always stands with local people during the hard time & keep motivating people to have a normal life.