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Hiteshi Vidhya Niketan is a school in a Dyonai valley, a part of Hitaishi NGO, which provides basic education to rural, underprivileged children, who can’t even afford 50 rupees for their fees. Hitaishi Ngo believes that whether there is a problem of health, poverty, population control, unemployment or human rights, the mass exodus in hilly villages of Uttrakhand, education is the one which eliminates all the basic problem from society. Education is very important for today because it empowers an individual to earn and also provides them better livelihood opportunities especially for the rural village youths. Hitaishi NGO’s educational initiatives include Pre-school [3-6 yrs], Formal Education [6-15 yrs non-school going. It works for education for underprivileged, rural children who came from far villages, mountains, took around 2 hours to walk, such as farmers child, children of poorest of the parents, children don’t afford food for a time and slum children. Specially attention gives to a girl of rural villages, where a girl doesn’t allow to attend school, for these girls women education is essential so that her families get empowered and can be an inspiration for other rural girls, which help them for new livelihood opportunities. Since its inception in 1994, more than 200,00 underprivileged children have directly benefitted from the Hiteshi Vidhya Niketan School.